Sunday, 30 September 2012

Two Years on...


Vegan Mofo is almost upon us. I'm so excited to be taking part again this year having missed out last time around.

Things have changed quite a bit since my last post. At the end of last year I saw the movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. The impact of that film, added to the realisation that I am fast approaching the age at which my mother died, made me think about what I wanted from the rest of my life and inspired me to completely change my diet from the start of the year. I started out with 15 days on the Classic Reboot plan of 5 days of juicing, 5 days of fruit and veg meals, followed by another 5 days of juicing. Doing the Reboot kickstarted the weight loss and helped to retrain my tastebuds, but I really wanted to find a way of eating that would be sustainable long term and probably for the rest of my life. The one way of eating that made sense to me was Dr Fuhrman's Eat to Live so on Day 16 I started on the Eat To Live 6 week plan and I've been eating that way ever since. Nine months later I've lost a total of 3 stones (42 lbs) and had to buy a whole new wardrobe. Last month I joined the local gym and I've been going there 4 times a week. I feel better than I have for decades so I can't imagine going back to my previous unhealthy eating. My only problem now is that my repertoire is rather small so it's time to search out some new recipes. Susan's Voisin's FatFree Vegan  website and blog are great resources but I'd like to find and adapt some more recipes over the next month.

After a very short summer up here in Scotland, the weather is turning cool and it feels like winter is nearly here, so my thoughts are turning towards warmer climes. My plan for the month of MoFo is to take a virtual Eat To Live culinary tour around the Mediterranean, starting out in Spain and then heading across North Africa into the Middle East and Turkey. If I have time I'll come home via Greece, Italy and France. I'm also hoping to try out some new low fat dessert and breakfast ideas.