Monday, 29 November 2010

Vegan MoFo Day 29: A Snowy Day and Very Berry Scones

It was 13˚C in my bedroom this morning and I really didn't want to get up. It was snowing  yesterday and most of the night and has continued during today as well. This amount of snow is pretty unusual for Edinburgh - we are beside the coast so on the rare occasions that we do get snow, it rarely lies for any length of time. How typical in this age of global warming that the weather in Scotland gets colder! This snow is going to be a shock for the bulbs in my window boxes. A couple of days ago I had great hopes that the snowdrops might be flowering in time for Christmas; now I'm wondering if they'll recover by springtime. Both cats are refusing point blank to set paw out through the cat flap and are demanding extra snuggling time.
 My snowy back green (more of a back white!) as seen from the window
Brave cyclamens still flowering in my window box, but I'm not holding out much hope for the bulbs come springtime

I'm eating leftovers for dinner today (as I shall be for most of December after all the cooking I've done this month!) but I still wanted to cook something, so I chose another recipe from Vegan Brunch - Berry Scones. When I was still a vegetarian, I used to enjoy the Very Berry Scones from a certain multinational coffee shop chain. I was really excited to try this recipe and had a bag of summer fruits in the freezer to use up. I had lots of fun making them - the consistency was nothing like any scone I have ever made before and I ended up wearing some of the scone mixture. I really don't know what's happening with my baking over the last few weeks - after my dense and compact chocolate muffins and my Salvador Dali-esque ginger biscuits, I didn't hold out much hope for scones when the dough attempted to drape itself over any available surface. They spread on the baking tray as they cooked and 6 of them actually joined up, despite starting out quite far apart. So they ended up rather flat and not terribly attractive, but they taste AMAZING! I've eaten 3 already and I shall have to hide the rest if they are to last out the rest of the day. How sad that I will need to try that recipe again to see if I can get the consistency right. In fact I can well imagine that it may take several tries to perfect the recipe - what a hardship!!


  1. I'm just catching up with your great posts! MoFo is just too much for me to keep up with reading, far less writing! But I must try out some of your recipes...

    I remember when we lived in Edinburgh being miserable because it so rarely gets snow. We've more than enough here now! I've been posting photos on Facebook.

    Our cats are definitely not keen on going out and are spending their time on our bed. Also, to mention an indelicate subject, we're going through a lot more cat litter than usual! :)

  2. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment, Penny. It's been quite a journey. I haven't had much time for reading this year.

    Are you snowed in? I'm wondering if people will be able to make it to the potluck on Sunday.